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Wedding/Event Cake Texture & Structure on Ganache

Wedding/Event Cake Texture & Structure on Ganache

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Create drama and intrigue while retaining soft movement for a whimsical wedding/event cake design using ganache as our canvas

In this course I will take you through

- making dark chocolate ganache

- prepping your cake boards

- leveling and trimming your cake layers

- layering and icing your cake

- raw textured edges

- ganache on ganache technique which is a great alternative to using fondant and gives your cake a great base for the design

- create beautiful structures using a range of techniques including but not limited to rice paper, wafer paper, and chocolate

- learn how textured ganache and powdered colours can create designs inspired by architect

- troubleshooting along the way


Included in the course is free unlimited access to Bernadette Gee’s online courses “Sharp as Shit Basics – Ganache” and the “Ganache on Ganache Finish” valued at $200 NZD

Each participant will take home the cake they have iced in class,

7” three-layer Kitchen cake serves approx 18 dessert serves / 36 coffee serves


*please be aware that this course may be rescheduled if bookings do not meet the threshold, we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause built unfortunately it is not viable to run the course for less than 2 attendees. Refunds will be available if the rescheduled date does not suit. 

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