About me

Host of TV Show "The Unruly Baker" streaming around the world
on Tastemade and Tastemade+ where I ask viewers to join me -
renowned self taught pastry chef on a badass baking crash
course teaching how to perfect skills and recipes I have
developed in my 12 year baking career. Teaching confidence and
showing that everyone can bake with the right tips, tricks and
visual cues.

Appearances at international industry conventions where I teach
group classes and run demonstrations.

Author of best selling book Magnolia Kitchen - Inspired Baking
with Personality and Magnolia Kitchen Design - A Journey of
Sweet Inspiration

Creator of brand Bernaette Gee where I sell a range of my
branded cake tools, online courses, books and custom art.

Founder of international brand Magnolia Kitchen which was built
from scratch in my home kitchen and at its prime boasted 200+
stockists and a 450sqm premises housing a sweet cafe,
production kitchen and product distribution.

Whats on offer

  • Appearance/Demo

    This includes travel within Auckland area (NZ Wide
    and International available on request), setup and
    approx. 1hr demonstration

    Great for food shows, product advertising and work

    Onsite content shared on social media if required

  • Instagram Story

    Perfect for sharing products and information with

    Stories are non permanent and will be visable for
    24hr period

    Story video can be used ongoing by brands for

  • Instagram Reel

    Reels are currently the best way to share content
    on social media with instagram prioritising these
    through algorithms. Great for sharing products,
    techniques and information in a permanent way.
    Videos can be used ongoing by brands for

  • Ambassadorship

    For those ongoing relationships
    monthly/weekly requirement posts, stories and

    These can be tailored to suit any brand and
    product for ongoing advertising

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